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DNOW 15 – “Lasers”

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This year for DNOW we strung up 600 5×10″ poster board pieces. We took the idea from here. We needed to scale the idea up to our stage. Big thanks to Anna Joseph for cutting all the boards down to size. Anna, Carter, Kent, Rachel, and Zach- I couldn’t have done this without you guys. We strung 20 cards per string glued at 9″ spacing. The horizontal spacing we used was 16″. We had 3 sets of 10 strings.

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Florida Fun – 2014

4 of the 6 mornings we were at the beach I got up before anyone else and headed down to the beach to enjoy the sun coming over the horizon.  The beach tortoise was crawling through the sand and I had to see where he (she) was headed.

You can purchase the Beach Tortoise if you’d like.
I’ve also posted some new time-lapses on Video Hive.

I’m working on completing time-lapses more frequently, but thats easier said than done.  Hopefully I’ll have more to post here soon.

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New Video: Fowler Creations Photography

I had this awesome opportunity to work with Cynthia Fowler on promoting her business through a video.  She is so excellent with little bitty ones it’s just incredible.  She is able to pose them into the cutest poses and snap a photo all while the baby sleeps.  You need to make sure you book time in her studio.   We did with Malachi when he was a week old and it was a great experience.  Take a peak behind the curtain in the happenings of a newborn shoot.  Then visit

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DNOW – 2014

Big thanks to our AWESOME crew for DNOW 2014.   You all enabled kids to encounter Jesus Christ in a fresh new way.  Your long hours helped so much.  We could not do DNOW at this scale without your willingness to serve. Jessica, Jessica, Jeremy, Tom, Richard, Jonathan, Nic, Ira, Rial, Molly, Kendra, Byron and Super Grant, I am pointing at all of you. THANKS!