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DNOW – 2014

Big thanks to our AWESOME crew for DNOW 2014.   You all enabled kids to encounter Jesus Christ in a fresh new way.  Your long hours helped so much.  We could not do DNOW at this scale without your willingness to serve. Jessica, Jessica, Jeremy, Tom, Richard, Jonathan, Nic, Ira, Rial, Molly, Kendra, Byron and Super Grant, I am pointing at all of you. THANKS!


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Malachi’s first Selfie

Laying in bed Saturday morning Malachi was fixated on my phone. So I thought I’d turn the camera on him. He ended up taking his first Selfie.

He would rather watch me work on a video than anything else. For the most part we struggle to keep him from watching TV but it’s not a struggle while I work. He loves to watch me edit. Lindsey gets bored watching me edit, but somehow Malachi enjoys sitting on my lap watching me work. I think I’m raising a production nerd. I love my little man.

First Selfie:


Another cute photo: