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Cool Video – Barcelona 2020

I just saw this cool video thought I would pass it on.  It really casts a cool vision for the city of Barcelona without a single line of dialogue.

//  Introductory video for an ambitious plan for the city of Barcelona for 2020. A plan that tries to structure the improvement of the city in different areas: social, economic, industrial, cultural…

The idea of this piece was to show a different approach to the city, a more aesthetic vision of the infrastructure and the people, playing with mirrors and symmetry and trying to integrate the tags in the actual space of the image.

_Direction / Edition> Álvaro Giménez
_Art Direction / Composition / Motion Graphics> Ernex
_Cameraman> Javier Diaz
_Sound Design> Beltrán Rengifo

_After Effects / Photoshop / Illustrator

November 2010

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