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Build “look” in AE take to FCP (my process)

So I have been working for several months at Westside Family Church.  Most of the videos I have been making for them have been edited in FCP and finished in After Effects.  But I am getting sick of this workflow and have been thinking about better ways to work.  Today it hit me and I came up with this.

1) Take a sample clip into AE:
2) With adjustment layer(s) build your look

Build your look with adjustment layers
Build your look with adjustment layers

I used three adjustment layers, but I could have done the same process with just one.  This was my way to keep my brain organized. (a very good thing)
3) Replace your sample clip with a 50% grey solid
4) Export a single frame to use in FCP

Screen shot 25) Drop frame into FCP on top of other clips
6) Change composite mode to overlay

Screen shot 3

This has allowed flexibility for me to build looks in AE which is my prefered place to build them while also editing in FCP.

Have a question about this process drop me a comment.  Think there is a another tutorial of description of a similar process leave a comment.  I would love to learn from someone  doing similar work.  I will post full video once I am finished

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