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Blender Tutorial /// Out of the ball pit

Everybody that has ever done tutorials needs to have a first, this is mine. The goal I had in mind was to show people how to use the logic editor and the game engine that is part of Blender 2.5.

The finished video:

The full tutorial:

Download the project file here.

I hope you like it. If there is a tutorial you would like for me to record leave a comment, and I will see what I can do for you.

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Build “look” in AE take to FCP (my process)

So I have been working for several months at Westside Family Church.  Most of the videos I have been making for them have been edited in FCP and finished in After Effects.  But I am getting sick of this workflow and have been thinking about better ways to work.  Today it hit me and I came up with this.

1) Take a sample clip into AE:
2) With adjustment layer(s) build your look
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